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Raymond E. Owens

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In addition to tracking economic trends, I have written papers on credit issues, commercial and real estate markets, economic development incentives, and other regional economic topics.

Professional Experience

Ray Owens is a senior economist and policy advisor in the Research Department and has been with the Richmond Fed since 1983. Owens has published academic articles in fields as diverse as monetary policy, financial markets and economic development policy, but he spends most of his time analyzing national and regional economic conditions. In addition, he frequently talks to groups on current economic developments and is regularly quoted in the financial press. Owens created the Richmond Fed’s monthly surveys of manufacturing and service sector activity.


M.A., Virginia Tech, 1980
B.S., Virginia Tech, 1977

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February 2017, No. 17-04

Rethinking Detroit

Raymond E. Owens, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte

June 2005, No. 05-3

Firm Fragmentation and Urban Patterns

Raymond E. Owens, Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

March 1993, No. 93-2

Identifying Credit Crunches

Raymond E. Owens and Stacey L. Schreft

March 1992, No. 92-1

Identifying Credit Crunches

Raymond E. Owens and Stacey L. Schreft

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