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Economic Brief

June 2024, No. 24-18

Demographic factors can simultaneously work in opposite directions when it comes to r*.

May 2024, No. 24-17

Among women born 1920-1949, family income is higher for those born in more recent years at almost every age. Since 1949, however, this trend has slowed considerably.

May 2024, No. 24-16

Negative impacts seem to be more muted than expected, and some firms say RTO increased employment.

May 2024, No. 24-15

Most native U.S. workers seem to benefit from having immigrant coworkers.

May 2024, No. 24-14

Not everyone continues to progress into better-paying jobs.

May 2024, No. 24-13

Early 2024 inflation numbers appear high, but should such an early-year jump be expected most years?

April 2024, No. 24-12

Some think such a trap for China is imminent, due to factors such as a surge in deposits, mounting deflationary pressures and high youth unemployment rates.

March 2024, No. 24-11

The effects of monopsony seem to be getting more attention recently.

March 2024, No. 24-10

The pattern of r* paths for other countries seem more alike to each other than they are to the U.S.

March 2024, No. 24-09

High inflation starting in 2021 has coincided with a more dispersed distribution of relative price changes.

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