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Beyond the Turmoil

After a period of rapid and uneven growth, the telecommunications industry in the Fifth District is in the midst of a painful reorganization as service providers rethink how to meet customer demand.
Sidebar: What About the Little Guys?
Sidebar: Scarce Competition in Short Haul
Sidebar: Different Views of the Telecom Market
Sidebar: Regulatory Challenges in Telecom
Chart: Telecom Employment Before the Bust
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Going the Extra Mile

Broadband internet comes to rural areas in the Fifth District.
Chart: New Economy Index - How Does the District Rate?
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Carolina Vinifera

North Carolina is joining Virginia in cultivating a regional niche in winemaking.
Sidebar: New North Carolina's 23 Wineries
Sidebar: The Winding Road of Wine Distribution
Chart: Growth of Fifth District Wineries
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The Agriculture Bill's Bountiful Harvest

Legislation boosts payments to Fifth District farmers.
Sidebar: A Guide to the Tobacco Program
Sidebar: Fifth District Production of Selected Program Crops, 2001
Sidebar: A Free Market for New Zealand Farmers
Chart: On the Rise
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To Join or Not to Join?

The economic effects of "right-to-work" laws.
Chart: Manufacturing Employment, 1970 - 2001
Chart: Right-to-Work States
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Conquering the Divide

Federal Reserve

The Check Business
Sidebar: What "Check Truncation" Would Mean for Banks and Consumers
Chart: Total Checks Processed in U.S.
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Jargon Alert

Moral Hazard

Short Takes

Sidebar: Virginia's Most Endangered Historic Places, 2002


Robert Litan
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Economic History

Wheels of Change
Sidebar: When Car Manufacturing was a Small Business
Sidebar: Southern Workers Head North
Chart: Prices and Sales of Model T Fords, 1908-1916
Chart: Percent of Farms Reporting Automobiles, Trucks, and Tractors, 1920-1940
Chart: Rural Roads, 1914-1930
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A Progress Report on Welfare Reform

Fifth District Caseloads Remain Relatively Stable, Despite Economic Slowdown
Chart: Welfare Caseloads, Jan. 1996 - Jan. 2001

Legislative Update

Fast Track to Freer Trade?

District/State Economic Conditions


In Praise of Imports

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