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Economic Brief

These web-exclusive essays on current economic issues and trends are based on staff economists' ongoing research and published work.

December 2017, No. 17-12

Transitioning from High School to College: Differences across Virginia

Emily E. Cook, Jessie Romero and Sarah Turner

November 2017, No. 17-11

Can We Tax Social Security Benefits More Efficiently?

Helen Fessenden and John Bailey Jones

October 2017, No. 17-10

Should We Worry about Trade Imbalances?

Thomas A. Lubik and Tim Sablik

September 2017, No. 17-09

Are the Effects of Fiscal Policy Asymmetric?

Regis Barnichon, Christian Matthes and David A. Price

August 2017, No. 17-08

Understanding the Surge in Commercial Real Estate Lending

Helen Fessenden and Catherine Muething

July 2017, No. 17-07

Responding to Urban Decline

Santiago Pinto and Tim Sablik

May 2017, No. 17-05

Medical Spending in Old Age

John Bailey Jones and Jessie Romero

March 2017, No. 17-03

Are the Effects of Monetary Policy Asymmetric?

Regis Barnichon, Christian Matthes and Tim Sablik

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