Economic Brief

These web-exclusive essays on current economic issues and trends are based on staff economists' ongoing research and published work.

September 2016, No. 16-09

How Did Short-Term Market Rates React to Liftoff?

Renee Haltom and Alexander L. Wolman

August 2016, No. 16-08

Whom Do the Federal Reserve Bank Boards Serve?

Helen Fessenden and Gary Richardson

April 2016, No. 16-04

The Role of Option Value in College Decisions

Jessie Romero and Nicholas Trachter

March 2016, No. 16-3

Measuring CEO Compensation

Arantxa Jarque and David A. Price

February 2016, No. 16-02

The Cost of Fed Membership

Helen Fessenden and Gary Richardson

January 2016, No. 16-01

Understanding the New Liquidity Coverage Ratio Requirements

Mark House, Tim Sablik and John R. Walter

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