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Labor force participation, wages and the unemployment rate are important indicators of the overall health of the economy.

Second Quarter 2023

Last year, the Richmond Fed had over 1,700 community engagements — meetings with bankers, business and community leaders, workers, and public officials. These conversations help us see the region's economy more clearly.

Tom Barkin
President and Chief Executive Officer

Second Quarter 2023

Blandin, Jones, and Yang sought to answer whether men decide to spend more hours working after becoming married, or whether these men are already working more hours before they get married.

May 17, 2023

Hugo Hopenhayn discusses his research on the factors that affect the entry and exit of firms in a market, as well as the reallocation of labor and other resources that results from this "creative destruction." Hopenhayn is a professor of economics at UCLA and a long-term consultant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.